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“Thank you, Better Markets.”

Barack Obama

Former President of the United States

“Dennis Kelleher and his team at Better Markets have consistently pushed for financial reform that will help protect the U.S. economy from another financial crash. They are strong partners in the fight to level the playing field for middle-class families and have been persistent fighters for the American people, their jobs, savings and retirements.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren


“Talk about David and Goliath. [Better Markets] is David, and they really are the only ones in many ways. They are the one organization on the line making the pro-reform points that have to be made in order for the regulators to say, ‘We passed this regulation because we know this.’”

Ted Kaufman

Former Senator

“Now it is up to [Better Markets] to carry on the fight!”

Paul Volckerm

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

“Of all the civil society organizations seeking to promote financial stability, Dennis Kelleher’s Better Markets stands out for its major impact through a relentless surge of arguments, comment letters and research. Its report on the cost of the crisis made clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the crisis had profound negative consequences for millions of people.”

Simon Johnson

“Better Markets fights for a financial system that works for hardworking, everyday Americans. Its expertise is essential for promoting policies that support the real economy, jobs and growth while protecting consumers and investors.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein


“It’s good to get some balance into the mix. My mom and your mom don’t usually have somebody [like Better Markets] who’s going to spend the time reading the detailed rules and do not necessarily have the same resources or desire to be into the minute details that the large financial interests on the other side of this debate do.”

Gary Gensler

SEC Chairman

“It’s more important than ever that consumers and taxpayers have strong advocates like Dennis and Better Markets to stand up for ordinary Americans.”

Senator Sherrod Brown


“Dennis Kelleher is one of the most effective group CEOs in Washington, D.C., and Better Markets’ record of achievement proves that.”

Camden Fine

Former President and CEO, Independent Community Bankers of America

“It’s more important than ever that consumers and taxpayers have strong advocates like Dennis and Better Markets to stand up for ordinary Americans.”

George Cahlink

Former CQ Weekly Columnist

“Financial reform warrior.”

Betty Liu

Bloomberg TV Host

“It’s David versus Goliath, but at least David’s there.”

Byron Dorgan

Former Senator

“Better Markets encourages a free flow of reform-minded ideals by bringing transparency and some small counterweight to the lobbying goliath of Wall Street.”

Neil Barofsky

Former Special Inspector General, TARP

“Wall Street keeps pounding Washington. Fighting any attempt to rein in the too big to fail banks. Corporations. Lobby groups. Front groups. Bought and paid for members of Congress…Keep the revolving door well oiled. Who’s fighting back? Better Markets.”

Corporate Crime Reporter

“Think of Better Markets as Occupy Wall Street’s suit-wearing cousin… [It] does not march against banks, or bring loudspeakers to their lobbies. It instead writes detailed comment letters to regulators, meets with them, files friend-of-the-court briefs, puts out studies and testifies before Congress.”

The New York Times

“Better Markets churns out obsessively detailed rule-making submissions to regulators (pointing out gaps in drafts of the clawback rules, for example). A flow of white papers and bulletins for policymakers and the press can be counted on to rebut the Wall Street line with credible collections of facts and arguments putting the banks’ claims in context.”

Tailspin, Author Steven Brill

“On the front-lines of this effort is Better Markets, a relatively new advocacy group pushing to ensure new regulations are as strong as possible.”

Braking the Banks

“Kelleher, a former attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, has become well-known for his critique of both Wall Street banks and regulators who he has often accused of failing to hold the banks accountable for wrongdoing.”

Sarah N. Lynch and Aruna Visawanatha

Former Reuters Columnists

“Dennis is one of the most plugged-in and important names here in Washington as the founder and leader of the investor advocacy group Better Markets. His views can not only drive fear into the heart of Wall Street, but they are also driving the conversation on Capitol Hill, especially on the most pressing topics concerning market abuse, risk and the integrity of the financial system.”

Chris Brummer

Host of Fintech Beat Podcast

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